Fred Wilson, John Doerr and Mark Zuckerberg

If you’re in healthcare and do anything with technology, communications, marketing, professional collaboration, information systems or advocacy, then you need to understand the big ideas and things will make this century tick.

Web 2.0 Summit 10 ends today but video of the good stuff is available online. One of the videos is included in this post below.

Three of the most influential people in technology today are venture capitalists Fred Wilson and John Doerr, and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Fred Wilson has invested in some of the biggest technologies, including Twitter, and blogs and tweets extensively. John Doerr is similarly influential, investing early in companies like Google. He hasn’t tweeted much (unlike Fred Wilson, he turned down investing in Twitter), but since Twitter is the Borg sucking everyone in, you can follow him here.

Mark Zuckerberg, as you know, is founder of Facebook. Whatever some of us may think of Zuck, he’s emerging as someone who may end up holding the information of the largest gathering of human beings ever assembled. (Repeat that in your head and think about the implications.)

During Web2.0 Summit, these three men exchanged views. I strongly recommend you set aside an hour to watch each.

You ask: Why? And what in the world does this have to do with Healthcare?? Because these are the players who are shaping our world, helping to manifest the technologies which will have everything to do with Healthcare: from information systems to social media to the Internet of things.

Here’s Zuck [link]:

Here are Fred Wilson and John Doerr [link]:

Keep an eye on people like these. What comes out of Silicon Valley and San Francisco is having, and will continue to have, enormous impact on what you do. If you’re not paying attention to a changing world, it probably won’t pay much attention to you.