Vicarious Media





Let’s be honest: the media we have begun to use aren’t exactly social.

“Social” means living or communicating or collaborating directly with other people: I like you. I don’t Like you.

As we Like, RT, Share and + away, what we’re doing is pushing buttons which activate vicarious ecosystems.

The platforms that engender these ecosystems are Vicarious Media.

Vicarious Media do enable certain kinds of indirect connections among people, but it’s information accumulation through other people’s media, not with them.

Yes, we can say that there are/is Social Media.

But: living socially and living vicariously are vastly different from each other.

Please don’t confuse the two.

Just because I Like what you bought,…

…it doesn’t mean that I’ll buy what you Liked.

This applies to cars as much as to health initiatives.

Being liked and being sold are different matters.

In fact, the best things sold to the world are too often the most disliked:

  • Civil rights
  • Exercise
  • Forgiveness

Leaders sell.

Followers like.

But who buys?

Ah, that’s a question.