Healthcare Is A Story

In The Story, I argued that the Story is both the foundation and capstone of civilization. I also made the case at #epatcon in my Pecha Kucha (starts at 13:00).

What I’m getting at is that everything in Healthcare – the people, the technology, the expertise, the experiences – are all interweaving of stories.

An electronic medical record is part of the story.

An ACCU-CHEK is part of the story.

A pill is part of the story.

A mobile application is part of the story.

A birth, a life, a death – all stories.

We have a narrow conception of the Story.

What we call Care is the active listening to stories – Is she in pain? Do I need to run an EKG for more to the story? 

Right now, I am telling you the story of the Story.

Are you listening?

Phil Baumann