Six Considerations for Adopting Technologies in Healthcare

The issue with adopting QR codes is a bit more fascinating than at first glance because it poses an interesting adoption dilema: on one hand, QR codes can be seen as fads; on the other hand they do have their uses (yes, I’m writing about QR codes again – but this post is more about general adoption of tech for Healthcare; I’m citing QR codes as an example because of all the recent attention they’ve received).

Here are the considerations:

  • Properties of the tech – what specifically does it do; what are limits/possibilities
  • Public recognition (and actual use) of the tech – if there’s not enough awareness (especially by targeted audience), or if they just don’t use them enough
  • Standardization – Which standard is optimal? Given different tech, which ones suit most needs optimally?
  • Obsolescence – How quickly might the tech become obsolete. Not just technologically but also in use?
  • Deployability/Distribution – At the point of service, who distributes, when and where?
  • Security – One issue with respect to QR codes or MS Tags which I don’t see raised much is security. When you look at a QR code, you don’t know what you’re opening up – what if someone tampers with the code (either on the backen or by physically replacing the actual tag) with redirects to malware, indecent material or corporate vandalism (say a redirect to For companies in Healthcare and Pharma, this is definitely something to consider.

There are others. But they’re basic ones which anyone aught to consider and work-through before just either blindly jumping on the latest gadget – or rejecting outright.

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