Beautiful Visualizations of DNA

Attention Marketers and Educators: here’s a template for fascinating your audience while accomplishing the difficult task of transferring important messages. It’s a video visualizing the activities of DNA and RNA.

The remarkably produced video illustrates four phases of genetic mechanisms:

  1. DNA chromosome wrapping
  2. DNA replication
  3. Transfer of DNA and RNA;
  4. Translation of RNA to protein

Here’s the video:

[Can’t see video? Click here.]

My studies of genetics would have been rapidly faster, more fascinating and more productive had videos like this been available to students.

Think of the implications of this kind of marketing or education in Healthcare!

Can your agency produce stuff this re-markable? Anything less today is dreck in today’s attention-deficit economy.

Healthcare Marketers and Educators: that video is your bar today.

Start doing pull-ups on that bar.

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