Two Hashtags

Hashtags have been a valuable enhancement to Twitter’s ability to connect people and rally them around topics and ideas.

Unfortunately, hashtags have been polluting Twitter. The purpose of a hashtag is simply to demarcate a tweet into a topic. One or two hashtags should be enough to convey the essential tag of a tweet.

So today, I’m launching 2hashtags (Two Hashtags). I created the website yesterday and hope some of you get a little fun out of it.

Two Hashtags is simple: go to the site, read what it says and take the pledge if you agree. You can tweet your pledge right from the site.

I dislike “rules” in social media – but sometimes you have to try an appeal if you feel people are letting technology get in the way of clean personal connection.

It’s a matter of personal judgement, but I’d say two hashtags per tweet should be the maximum. Why? Because adding more of them is just ugly, unnecessary and counterproductive.

Here, does this look beautiful?

Some blurb about #health #socpharm #FDAsm #hcsm #hcsmeu #hcsmca #mdchat #rnchat #sm #socmed  #sxsh #OMG

This is the carpet bombing of Twitter.

Those of us in healthcare should serve as models of clear communication. <snark>I’m sure those of you who are Healthcare Communicators and PR types fully understand this principle </snark>.

Let’s keep Twitter simple, elegant and fun. Please? 🙂

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LOL – Hospital Social Media and Lack of Social Media Policy

A sense of humor. That’ what we all need – especially when it comes to all the “serious” issues surrounding Healthcare and the problems social media pose.

Well, I sure got woken up with a chuckle when I saw this tweet.

Enter a video staring yours truly produced by Vernon Dutton, RN – @nursingpins on Twitter. [Link]

The quick background to this story of “Phil Baumann may have been involved in a hospital incident” has to do with last week’s RNchat, in which we discussed a topic I referred to as “The Placenta Incident”. You can read up on it here and here.

In spite of the humor Vernon created in the video, we need policy administrators to understand the nature of these media, their nuances, their consequences and their proper role.

In the meantime, go have a laugh at my expense.

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