The Healthy Wealthy Corner

There’s lies, damned lies and statistics. Then there’s beauty of clarity. Hans Rosling teaches about global health and knows how to vivify statistics into meaningful statements.

We all know that there is a relationship between health and wealth. We also know that technologies play important roles in both.

Here is Hans showing the relationship among all three from 1810 to 2009 [link]:

Pretty cool, huh?

You see, I think that visualizations like this are key to fostering clearer and sharper views on the pressing issues of today – and tomorrow.

You and I are going to face more and more informational assaults – the social media we use seduce us into believing we can filter it all. And that seduction is partially backed by truth.

But right now, we are in a transition stage with social and other technologies – in fact we’re on the low end of a rising curve.

That curve is going to get steeper. Therefore, we need lenses that help us to make sense of the data and information whizzing around us. Imagine all the bits of data swirling and storming via social networks – nobody has a pulse on any of it (at least in terms of a big picture).

And yet…we can build tools that exploit data and metadata and meaningful statistical design which will help us to make the decisions that make a better world.

The ultimate purpose of using social media in healthcare is to get us all toward the Healthy Wealthy Corner.