21st Century Customer Service: A Nursing Guide for the Enterprise

This is a cross post from my article published in LinkedIn Today. Apparently Phil Baumann is a top 150 “Thought Leader” on LinkedIn (write-up here in Wired) – up there with Richard Branson, Barak Obama, Mitt Romney, David Cameron, Reid Hoffman, T. Boone Pickens, and other people who are actually famous. Don’t ask me how I got picked for it. Maybe I do know what I’m doing after all.

Anyhoo, here’s a SoundCloud with some insights into mashing-up different disciplines to make things better  – like customer service.

The original post is here. I’ll be on LinkedIn more often – it’s a far more valuable network than Twitter. I’m on LinkedIn here. And you can follow the other 149 “Though Leaders” here. Oh, the irony. 😉

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A Little Help for Champions for Social Media in Healthcare

I rarely come across well-rounded views of putting social networks in Enterprise contexts. Much of the discussions either beat-around-the-bush when it comes to return on investment, or don’t fully appreciate the need to clearly state the case for social media to the proverbial C-suite.

Although I do believe social media has its places in Healthcare and Pharma, I often feel that the focus is misguided in the direction of marketing and public communications. That’s fine – but even there, I think the discussions are confused. (A bit more on that here.)

Anyhoo, I’ve always felt – as a former clinician and Enterprise guy – that some of the biggest returns to be enjoyed on social software would be internal uses.

Without further ado, here’s a short video by Saba Software, The Ask, which gives ones of the most succinct and to-the-point overviews of the key propositions for internal adoption of social software (and Facebook and Twitter ain’t it by the way):

If you’re having a hard time making the ask in your enterprise or agency, decide if the vid might help and give it a shot.