The Engagement Paradox

Yes, it is a social world. It always was. But as more and more organizations realize this, there’s a temptation to believe that it’s all about conversation – that somehow the more engaging organizations become the better off they are. But we live in a non-liner world of limits.

Social media can be a lot of fun. It has a place in our personal lives and in marketing and in patient communities.

It’s also a great seduction if you forget about your purposes.

Not everybody wants the same level of engagement as everyone else – and they don’t necessarily want the same level you believe they want.

Conversation may be a new element in marketing, but it’s not a strategy. It’s just of way of doing business these days. Another skill – one of many. (My skill is not drawing smooth curves as you can see. :))

All strategic initiatives need to allocate multiple resources in a finite world.

Engage, but don’t ignore all the other work you’re responsible for accomplishing.

In healthcare, it’s true that more and more patients expect engagement. But the fact is, they’re just people with problems and who want solutions.

Make sure you have solutions to talk about.

Make sure you know how to support them in their moments of suffering.

Remember: silence has its place too.


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