Healthcare Leadership – Frustrations and Fiascos

Physicians are disappointed.

Nurses are burnt out.

Budgets are strained.

Pharmaceutical companies are facing emptying pipelines.

Patients are sick of the whole process.

Physicians and nurses didn’t sign up for this. They wanted to help people, to do science, to do art.

Instead, they fill out paper work, fight wars that don’t need to be fought and find themselves tolerating conditions they don’t deserve.

Our healthcare woes won’t be fixed without leadership – we know that much.

So where does the leadership come from? The top? The bottom? The middle?

It comes from everywhere: it comes at the local, national and global levels.

But given all of the frustration and fiascos, and the resulting depression they create, we need to learn more about the inspirations that cull hope out of the very people who need to lead.

I’m keeping this post short, but I will point you to someone who offers us a glimpse of what kinds of assets we’ll need to build. Her name is Amy Dixon Drouin and she’s on to something about the role of storytelling in healthcare. And not in a buzzwordy kind of way.

You can follower her here and here.

Phil Baumann