Twitter Chat on Alzheimer’s – A New Hope

Tonight, Tuesday January 25, at 9pm, MDchat will host the Twitter chat I mentioned on my tease of a post a couple days ago. The chat will be a fireside-like format with two women who were diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s telling us their stories and then answering questions from the audience.

I had promised you that the details of the chat would be revealed and you can find them over here.

The planning of this chat involved a lot of cooperation with Paul Moniz, Director of Communications and Marketing at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (@EinsteinMed) and Alzheimer’s Association. Having worked with Paul, I can tell you that he is deeply committed to driving awareness of important health-related issues.

We’ll certainly discuss the chat in future posts after its complete. The hope is that we can learn more about the possibilities of today’s media.

The beauty of these media isn’t the media themselves – it’s the minds who use them.

The new hope is that we can re-personalize care. People are people, and just want to be treated with dignity, respect and professional excellence.

There’s so much we can do together, and making the most of today’s communications is key to doing our best.

Here are the basics of the format of tonight’s chat:

  • We’ll introduce Libby and Gwen. Since Gwen and Libby are not active users of Twitter, they will receive some help for the actual tweeting.
  • For the first half hour, @MD_chat will ask questions directed at Gwen and Libby and they will use those questions to tell their story (at this point, participants are asked to hold off questions until the second half)
  • Links to Alzheimer’s resources will be provided according to the pace of the chat
  • During the last half of the chat, participants will have the opportunity to ask Gwen and Libby questions, which @MD_chat will moderate.

The hashtag is #MDchat and you can follow along on TweetChatTwitter Search or the Twitter client of your choice. If you’re new to Twitter or Twitter chats, here’s a video tutorial I did for RNchat (just substitute MDchat).

You’re welcome to attend tonight’s chat at 9pm Eastern, listen to these two brave women’s stories and respectfully participate in the Q&A in the second half. Again, details are up on MDchat’s blog.

Health Is Social, and this chat is a part of that sociability.


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