The Placenta Incident

I know: it sounds like a movie. Who knows, maybe it is.

Anyway, there’s been an ongoing story about a student nurse who allegedly posted a picture of a patient’s placenta on Facebook. The nursing school expelled her. She filed a law suit. Today, the court ordered her reinstatement. The school subsequently issued a press release indicating its displeasure with the court’s decision.

It was obviously a hot topic on #RNchat last night. You can view the transcript here.

This case isn’t really a big deal in some way – but it is in others. Here are some of my thoughts explaining that [link]:

This is an interesting story. It raises the issues of professional responsibility, how nursing schools should treat their students, the cultural effects of social media and a lot more. It’s certainly a topic to be discussed on #hcsm and other places.

The Placenta, The Nursing Student and The Teachable Moment is a recommended read.

Earlier I brought up the matter of distinguishing between Serious and Responsible. This might be a good example of why Healthcare really does need to consider this difference.

The Placenta Incident.

Could be bigger than The Social Network.

Any of you wanna help me write the screenplay? 🙂

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