This Is Not About Komen.

Her lymphedema made the thoughts worse.

What was worse – the pain of swelling, having to hold her arm above her broken heart, or the loss of her first child’s suckling grace – mound of milk she tendered to his mouth thirteen years ago?

The world is so full with pain that some people just don’t know what to do.

The clinic services stopped racing six months ago.

She sank. She sank down into the bed. Melted down into it.

Not to cry nor to disappear nor to sleep.

She sank, so she could return to where all good things return: to motherhood – dark secret depth of creation’s light.

To mother herself was to give new birth, was to endure new labor pains, was to see both death and birth in ways nobody ever showed her.

Quora Concerning Cancer

I love finding and making connections where we make disconnections.

You love making them too.

It’s what science is about.

It’s what art is about.

It’s what love is about.

And thus it is that we must question concerning cancer.

For our knowledge of cancer Рof how cells disconnect from their natural connection to mortality and transmogrify into immortality Рis far from complete.

Perhaps it’s time we open up all those tiny assumptions and lemmas and questions about Cancering which traditional researchers have labored to tackle.

Perhaps we need the mathematician with no background in biology: to look at the problem of remmission.

Perhaps we need the musician who has no idea what “neoplasm” means: to ask the molecular geneticist for help in a composition, all the while asking questions about telomeres like a five-year old.

Perhaps we need the venture capitalist who never went to college: to cull her network of programmers and business analysts to lend forth their knowledge about where things fail.

Perhaps we need the parents who went through hell: to tell us how the Web could better connect, educate and support the newly diagnosed with all available resources.

Perhaps we need that kid who endured chemotherapy: to tell us what the doctors and nurses – her parents – missed in the course of her care.

The brightest discoveries aren’t always made where the light shines.

Martin Heidegger, in his essay The Question Concerning Technology, proclaimed: “Questioning is the piety of thought”.

I agree, and so I have usurped his “Question concerning…” theme and adapted it to Quora.

For regardless of where these crazy little toys from Silicone Valley go, we can Quora concerning cancer. Right now, this moment.

For once, we have a technology which lets us do just that with the potential for global reach.

The question mark is the only technology we have to save us from technology’s cancering.