The Reality Tunnels of Medicine

We all live in our own reality tunnels, don’t we?

It can be awfully hard for us, as individuals, to get out of our own reality tunnels – or to go down ones we just don’t want to enter.

It’s exponentially more difficult for groups of people, institutions, and entire professions to get out of their own reality tunnels the farther they go down them.

This premise is especially true in Medicine.

In Medicine – as in Nursing and other health care professions – some practices and theories are so engrained that we don’t know how or when to challenge them. The tunnels become holy portals to the gods.

The Scientific Method must always guide Medicine.

But Medical professionals should never confuse their reality tunnels with science.

Never fear to wonder if you’re in the right tunnel.

The question mark is the most powerful medical device in the world.

I plan to talk more about the Reality Tunnels of Healthcare.

In the meantime, you can watch Robert AntonĀ Wilson, as embedded above.



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