Facebook Is A Mess

Facebook is a mess. It really is. All the insane features that always change. No security – at any moment, data can just vanish – or appear in places it shouldn’t.

The worst part: for all of the features and filters and options, you have no control of, or equity in, any of the design. Every.single.Page is the same – hundreds of millions of the exact same cargo boxes of Walmart blue and white and Lucinda.

One long train heading for a wreck, and we’re either the passengers or the innocent bystanders.

I ┬áhope that there is never ever going to be a “Facebook for Healthcare”. You think Healthcare is a mess now? Imagine what it will look like as it gets Facebookitized.

Imagine Love having to conform to Facebook’s algorithmic architectures.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that these are “just tools” – they are forces in this world: their impact is completely independent of their content.

When people talk about Facebook or Twitter on TV, the radio, at the supermarket – you don’t usually hear about the content in those media, do you? You hear talk of the media themselves.

We are at an important moment in the evolution of technology – and the way it’s packaged (Facebook is a package: you are meant to fit into it, not the other way around). Well-designed technology goes with the grain of human endeavor, not against it.

We shouldn’t try to figure out how to fit Healthcare into social media. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

After this Social Media phase we’re in right now – and it will end, even if it takes a decade or more – we will come to appreciate the beauty of owning the only thing we can own and design on the web: our own domains – and even that is a tenuous proposition.

Yes, having different spokes and nodes are important – I get all that – but this, what’s being built under our passive consent, this is madness.

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