The Unfortunate Misappropriation of “Social Health” by Social Media Hypers

“Social Health” – just like “Social Business” – has become a lazy buzz-phrase for social media in Healthcare. This is a problem.

Social Health refers to how people relate to others, and the resulting overall health impacts on individuals – from unrequited love to having fun with friends to violence.

It also refers to the health of populations in their realationships within themselves and with other populations. Societal Health, if you will.

It’s a vital concept: our health does not transpire independent of our social environments.

To steal this phrase as a handle for social media is to misunderstand social media – and, more importantly, Health.

Media are just media. Do social media have roles in Healthcare? Yes. But that’s not the point.

Let’s not displace Social Health in our eagerness to make everything about social media.

When Healthcare professionals use this phrase, it’s rather concerning. Disturbing, to be blunt.

It would like confusing love with a telephone.

Thank you,

Phil Baumann

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  1. Time and time again you hit the nail on the head, thx!

    It is far too easy to get stuck on the media as the ‘thing’…and too easy to get stuck on the barriers of that media…and too easy to get stuck on the risks of those barriers – when all along folks overlook the social parts of health, learning, and innovation that are really vital to driving improved quality across our healthcare system! This is my social health.

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