Healthcare Innovation Is Not About New Technologies

Too often the subject of innovation in Healthcare conflates invention with innovation.

Invention is a technological process – an idea is transformed into a product or service.

Innovation, however, transforms the culture, behavior and use of either an new or or existing technology or technique.

David Snowded of Cognitive Edge, has produced the most succinct and thorough list of ingredients of innovation:

  1. Starvation
  2. Pressure
  3. Perspective Shift

The problems in front of us are not the problems in front of us. There’s always something else going on we don’t see because our perspectives don’t shift.

Inventing more products doesn’t necessarily lead to more innovation.

That’s why mobile Health and social media and new MRI machines don’t reduce the scale of our Healthcare problems. The problems keep on growing, don’t they?

Healthcare depends on cultural, behavioral and technological systems.

You can’t change those three systems without the Starvation, Pressure and Perspective shift needed to innovate their integration for better health.

Do you feel the pangs? Are you feeling the pressure? Do you see beyond what you’ve been trained to see?



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