“Social” Business: The Lie That Bankrupted Workers

When people are out strolling, partying, eating, entertaining with each other they are engaging in social activity. They’ve signed up for this kind of interaction.

When people go to work and their “Social Media” savvy executives finally figure out how to tap 140 characters in the 21st Century and when employees are they’re told that their employer is now “Social”, they are – in addition to being traditional employees – victims of a terrible lie.

Business is business.

Yes, when you interact among employees or customers it’s obvious that behaving like a human instead of a droll robot, that the business is better a business.

Do you *really* believe that social media and some “Social Business” philosophy create social experiences beyond what people are inherently capable of being? Really??

It sounds like a pleasant Utopia: businesses that become more “social” by using social media to create a happier workforce.

No, they won’t. This is a dangerous lie.

You don’t create happiness with happiness machines.

You don’t create social experiences with social machines.

Do your work and have fun.

If it isn’t fun, either put up with it or find something else.

The bottom line: business objectives are not social. They are business objectives. Good businesses already know enough about “social” – it’s a part of…well…good business. No need for an excuse to have conferences and books and speaking gigs.

Don’t go bankrupt just because a few peacocks with no experience whatsoever in putting together a “social” enterprise say to you.

In the future, businesses will become “social” – and everybody will become miserable because it will be their job to be social.

I  can read ( and laugh at) Mashable too. Big deal.

Then again, I know the difference between tweeting Mashable posts and getting things done.

So should you.

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