In the Race to Be Acquire the Most #hcsm Followers…

…you lose sight of the very thing you wish to achieve: building a community that matters.

You see what I did with this post’s title? When this post gets tweeted (which will be about 5 times over the next year)¬†by automatic features of Twitter clients , that hashtag will be entered into the stream.

Regular readers – the community who loves what I do here – get the humor. That’s part of the character – persona – of this service.

I see all sorts of self-promoting behavior. It’s cool…except when it’s not.

You see, what’s missing in most Healthcare communications is the ability to sustain an interactive audience rallying around relevant social objects.

The real test of a community’s love of its members and leaders is not having to rely on tricks and spam and linkbait – or a hashtag. Think of how lame that is: to think that a hashtag is a marketing strategy. Wow. But I see it. It’s kind of funny…but not really since it’s drowns out the voices of those who have something smarter to say than you.

Now, more than ever, we need true community leaders in Healthcare.

We don’t care about your blog post.

We don’t care about your Pinterest¬†announcement.

We don’t care about your claim that you “respect nurses” or that you’re a top hospital in a magazine.

We care about Care.

We care about your competence.

We care about your wisdom.

We care about what you’re actually doing behind the PR mask that tells us you’re transparent because it’s not transparent to us that you’re transparent.

We care about your humor – because without any humor you simply are not human.

I don’t tell you I’m cute. Either I am, or I’m not. I let you decide based on how I look and act and tell bad jokes.

Don’t do what I just did in the title of this post. It’s a negative model. In fact, unfollow me if you’re insulted. My job is to inform, not to flatter. Get it?

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