What’s A Human To Do?

The machines take over.

Millions of machines tweeting their data.

Millions of machines following other machines, retweeting to other machines following the ever-expanding Cloud of tweets.

Billions of tweets propounding per second: news of their work…calls to action.

Trillions of nanobots moving guanine, cytosine…reverse transcriptase…transmuting carbon molecules into alchemical dreams.

All this mechanical purposing evolves into an ecosystem of invisible purposes – maturing into a purposing onto itself.

Amid the alien world dusted around them, the human feels a deepened need for meaning.

What’s a human to do when the galaxy of technology does the lifting?

At last, the human confronts the pressure of isolating what being human is all about.

The human remembers: it is a lost creature – cut off from nature and now cut off from technology.

The human re-cognizes the world.

The human is no longer just a being.

The human is a presence.

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