Pinterest for Healthcare – Tips for Setting Up Pins and Boards

Pinterest is the newest social media platform that has received much hype. Pinterest is basically a way to visually present lenses (Pins) in an matrix of boxes (Boards) in order to show-off images and videos which express your interests (e.g. books, films, people, etc.).

So here on Health Is Social – where we often provide novel views on social media for Healthcare – we’ll offer a few ideas on using Pinterest for Healthcare communicators, hospitals, associations, nurses, physicians and other professionals.

[Warning: I may be sarcastic here. Am I goofing on “Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest in Healthcare” posts designed to get traffic or am I serious? True fans of this blog know the answer. It doens’t matter: either way, you’ll get value here.]

Ideas for using Pinterest for Healthcare. You can see an example here.

Create Boards for:

  • Recommended Books related to Healthcare, Medicine, Nursing, etc.
  • Videos of Healthcare presentations, Patient Education, Technology Development, etc.
  • Images of facilities, equipment, people (obviously obtain consent for patients and conform to HIPAA regulations)

Use Pins to:

  • Post descriptive content that highlights key messages of videos and images
  • Take advantage of the commenting system
  • Search for pins related to your interests
  • Like, comment and/or “Re-pin” pins of interest

That’s it for now. I’ll develop a search-engine friendly primer of Using Pinterest in Healthcare so that I get Retweted, blogged about and eventually featured on a national speaking circuit as a Pinterest for Healthcare Social Media Expert – including a spot on Piers Morgan or Doctor Oz.

I’m serious. Or sarcastic. Your pick.

Follow me on Pinterest and re-pin me all day. I’m HealthIsSocial on Pinterest – where #hcsm goes Pinterest! Thank you!!

8 Replies to “Pinterest for Healthcare – Tips for Setting Up Pins and Boards”

  1. Phil –

    It’s a good post. I think marketers can easily go overboard on Pinterest, but if done right, it can be a new way for patients to scrapbook their lives, their treatments, and even memorialize a loved one.

    I’m pinning because I find it interesting. I’m sharing stuff I think is exciting and discovering tons of useful stuff. Like you, I have marketing content, balanced with other content.

    Anyway, I’m following you now and I’m interested to see what you do. Here’s mine:


  2. Awesome that you see the potential too! I wrote about it on my blog too as to how pinterest can lead to changing healthy eating behaviors. I have personally been inspired to try ALOT of healthy recipes from the site. It’s really great to use your ipad as your cookbook with easy links from pinterest making it more convenient. Gorgeous visually and therefore able to change behaviors just due to this factor (at least amongst my friends and myself n=10). Here is my blog piece:

  3. I will not repin your pins, sir. Unless you include some gory but beautifully photographed images of invasive surgery overlaid with cutting edge typography. Then I might reconsider. Or maybe a picture of a gaunt model with smoky eyes modeling the latest Japanese inspired patient gowns. Now that would be Repinnable.

    1. I wish I could Re-pin your comment onto a board the size of a billboard.

      Speaking of which, there’s an idea.

  4. I love your ideas. Pinterest has superseded Goodreads as social media addiction. It’s the perfect creative break for the brain when you are up to your eyeballs in studying. i’m experimenting with a board of the books that inspired me as a nurse. Seems slightly redundant of my goodreads shelves, but I wanted something to get me started thinking this way.

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