Pinterest for Healthcare – Tips for Setting Up Pins and Boards

Pinterest is the newest social media platform that has received much hype. Pinterest is basically a way to visually present lenses (Pins) in an matrix of boxes (Boards) in order to show-off images and videos which express your interests (e.g. books, films, people, etc.).

So here on Health Is Social – where we often provide novel views on social media for Healthcare – we’ll offer a few ideas on using Pinterest for Healthcare communicators, hospitals, associations, nurses, physicians and other professionals.

[Warning: I may be sarcastic here. Am I goofing on “Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest in Healthcare” posts designed to get traffic or am I serious? True fans of this blog know the answer. It doens’t matter: either way, you’ll get value here.]

Ideas for using Pinterest for Healthcare. You can see an example here.

Create Boards for:

  • Recommended Books related to Healthcare, Medicine, Nursing, etc.
  • Videos of Healthcare presentations, Patient Education, Technology Development, etc.
  • Images of facilities, equipment, people (obviously obtain consent for patients and conform to HIPAA regulations)

Use Pins to:

  • Post descriptive content that highlights key messages of videos and images
  • Take advantage of the commenting system
  • Search for pins related to your interests
  • Like, comment and/or “Re-pin” pins of interest

That’s it for now. I’ll develop a search-engine friendly primer of Using Pinterest in Healthcare so that I get Retweted, blogged about and eventually featured on a national speaking circuit as a Pinterest for Healthcare Social Media Expert – including a spot on Piers Morgan or Doctor Oz.

I’m serious. Or sarcastic. Your pick.

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