Any Sufficiently Advanced Healthcare Technology Is Indistinguishable from Natural Healing

Riffing on Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – I offer one ‘law’ for Healthcare Technology:

Any sufficiently advanced Healthcare technology is *indistinguishable* from natural healing.

Think about this.

When you take technology to its ultimate end-point – in terms of what it is we want the technology to do – we aught to *want* the care to either be natural healing or indistinguishable from it.

This requires a different kind of thinking about what health care aught to be.

This perspective does *not* mean abandoning technology. No, not at all. It means that our technologies must become so seamlessly woven into your natural origins that we return healing to its true home.

We have become accustomed to certain ways of doing things and of thinking about problems and their solutions.

Technology permeates health care – and for good reasons.

But: we must never forget the original purposes of medicine and nursing and other processes: to heal.

“Heal” is rooted in “whole”.

As the ancient Romans would say:

Naturam expellas furca, tammen usque recurret.


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