Pretty Much Everybody’s Full of It When It Comes to Social Media

…incuding me.

But I at least apply critical thinking.  Here’s how I arrive at my (alterable) conclusions:

  1. Ask: How does this tool work?
  2. Ask: What are the limits and possibilities of this tool?
  3. Ask: What happens when I bend this tool as far I can?
  4. Ask: How does this tool relate to other tools?
  5. Ask: When these tools combine, what’s the chemical reaction?
  6. Ask: How much of ourselves is embedded in this tool?
  7. Ask: How much of the tool is embedded in us?
  8. Ask: What are the political, psychological, ethical and other human ramifications of the *presence* of these tools in our worlds?
  9. Ask: What am I *not* seeing about this tool?
  10. Ask: What will this tool reveal?
  11. Ask: What will this tool conceal?
  12. Tell people what I think (in my case I use various satirical, sarcastic and jolting techniques through the use of several personas using the very media I’m telling the world about).

Chris Brogan is full of it. (But he’s cool, and isn’t afraid to keep learning and sharing.)

Brian Solis is full of it.

Altimeter Group is full of it. No, really – they are truly full of it.

Jeremiah Owyang isn’t full of it…he just doesn’t know what’s going on. <rant>I’m not kidding here – and, although it may seem unkind of me,  I’m passionate about this stuff for the right reasons and I’m saddened that guys like this are paid to mislead the world. I don’t care if I’m shunned for saying this. I have character.</rant>

You name all the big names and…yep: they’re full of it.

That’s OK. …Unless…

…unless clients are getting ripped off or the public believes in un-vetted guesses by people who are full of it but too arrogant to say “I’m full of it”.

Everybody is full of it. You too.

And I’m completely full of it.

Which is to say: come here, say Hi to me on Twitter and elsewhere, listen to what I say and process what I’m getting at, and…

…and, most importantly:

…think this stuff through on your own (try my twelve-step algorithm or whatever).

…think this stuff through on your own.

…think this stuff through on your own.

Question everything. Believe nobody.

Especially @HealthIsSocial or @PhilBaumann because you’ll never be quite certain who is whom.

– Phil



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  1. Could not agree more with your post ! People like the ones you mention above talk a lot but when it comes to actually providing results their resumes are null and void. I believe that Owyang is especially one of the worst culprits.

  2. I work in health promotion and there’s a question none of you guys ever think to ask: how would I prove the claims I’m making? That question leads to basic accountability, and I’m sorry to see it doesn’t appear in your algorithm.

    1. Actually, Daniel, I do ask that question. Tons more even.

      Perhaps you’re not listening hard enough 😉

      You make a good point. It’s just not what we’re talking about in this post.

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