A Minimalist Approach to Healthcare Social Media

Some foundational points:

^ Strong talent in a few areas beats diffuse mediocrity.
^ Serendipity Obesity will sink you.
^ Time spent leading returns more than time spent monitoring.
^ Creation spawns reproduction.
^ Standing out trumps sharing popular content.

Some tips:

^ Keep an unpublished journal for your team to post ideas.
^ Build everything out from your overall communications strategy.
^ Establish a content schedule and tickler system using your journal.
^ Create a CRM from your social media accounts (e.g. convert contacts to csv file)
^ Do not create a ‘social media strategy’. There is no such thing.
^ Give it up if it’s not working out. Really, it’s OK. Re-think it later.

^ BONUS: Don’t get caught up in all the ways to share content. Pick a few curators (people or publishers), reflect on the material and develop the ideas using the above recommendations. Too many people are doing that – a trap set a few years ago when social media became a buzz phrase.

You can do much more with fewer tools.

For Healthcare professionals and organizations who struggle with this social media stuff, it truly is a sound decision to adopt a minimalist approach.

– Phil


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