Great Hospitals Enable Consumers To Rip Them Into Shreds

The operating system of all hospitals is information. Information powers decisions. Decisions guide care.

The way hospitals can improve, then, is to ceaselessly generate and acquire better information.

Consumers may not always know what they want, but once they’re your customers they often know a lot more about your operations than you do.

The gut reaction of almost all hospitals is to fear negative feedback. This is not a rational stance. Why? Because negative feedback is information – negative feedback loops keep the furnace from overheating.

Great hospitals understand this: that negative feedback offers more potent information than positive feedback.

Smart hospitals, then, would be wise to enable consumers to connect – right on their property! This is what today’s technologies enable.

Kevin Kelly states the premise well over here.

So many organizations pay huge sums to consulting providers, but then panic over the free knowledge from consumers.

The business of business is business.

The business of business is not fear nor avoiding bruised egos.

Hospitals are businesses – and the business they are in is caring.

You cannot care if you do not listen.

The best way hospitals can prove that they are “The Best” is to build platforms right on their front porch that connect and enable consumers to trade stories, kvetch, point out flaws, hash out their collective problems and…to praise quality care.

Bad hospitals cower and hide and silence.

Great hospitals enable consumers to rip them into shreds.

Phil Baumann




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