Your Body’s Last Tweets

Your heart is a Twitter client.

Your heartbeats are tweets.


Your ventricles retweet fresh blood to the rest of your body’s stream of tweets:

…the tweets of cytokines signaling news of immunocompromised systems…

…the tweets of gliotransmitters pulsing their trillions of brilliant pulses powering your consciousness…

…the paracrine tweets of clotting factors commanding hemostasis…

The tweets of your body – and the ones which conveyed it here – are almost endless, extending far back to the first retweeting mechanism on this earth: the self-replicating molecule.

All those tweets, all those tiny signals and re-signals, that went into making you – your body – eventually come to end, one way or another.

Perhaps the tweets of ¬†an organ’s cells fail in progressive succession – their chorus of tweets weakened by noise or failed receptor-followers.

Perhaps a cell tweets too much and a hashtag of neoplasms suddenly trends.

One day, your body’s tweets will stop.

Your heart will brady down.

Your respirations will slow.

The radiance of your tweeting electrons enlightening your entire history of love and hate and hope and shock and sorrow and joy will dim, darken and die.

The long winding tweet-stream of your life finds the end of its journey.

What have you followed in this life?

Who have you followed?

What has followed you?

Who has followed you?

What or who have you blocked?

Who…or what…has blocked you all this time?

Your tweeting body confers a brain with which you get to question everything.

Your body has so much to say.

Be good to yourself and others.

May you be in the company of love during your body’s last tweets.

Phil Baumann





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