Healthcare Technology Development – The #hctd Tag

I appear to be a wreck of a contrarian when it comes to hashtags. I don’t like them at all – they’re ugly, used for spam and poorly understood and overused.

…And yet, they do have an important place in demarcating and organizing topics and serving as rallying points for brains to convene, share and riff.

I run two hashtag-based chats – RNchat and MDchat, so my experience does give me some rights to be simultaneously critical and supportive of the Twitter tag in principle.

Anyhoo, there are so many Healthcare hashtags I can’t see straight anymore.

But there is one rallying point that I do think is missing – at least in a more focused, central area. And that is in Technology Development within Healthcare.

So I suggest the tag #hctd – Healthcare Technology Development – to help technology developers (of all industries) to convene their experiences, share ideas and even chat if they choose.

For me, Healthcare Technology Development includes not only web-based and social media application development, but even the really ‘heavy-duty’ toys for Healthcare – advanced medical devices, ground-breaking procedures, etc.

There are a lot of tags and chats with variations on healthcare and social media and information technology. But not much by way of day-to-day physical assets.

I also think  #hctd would engender a value stream for venture capitalists and other backers of healthcare technology projects.

I don’t think we need a chat – not now. But if the demand arises, we’ll address it.

So there it is, another pin in an endless stack of pins on the tail of the donkey: #hctd.

Tag, you’re it.

Phil Baumann



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