Putting Backward Thinking in Healthcare in Perspective

Most people in Healthcare are brilliant.


Then there are those who are….let’s just say they don’t do a lot of thinking beyond the ways in which they have comfort.

There’s a kind of arrogant willfulness to be ignorant of the rapid changes in 21st Century technologies and reforming health care.

“Oh, I’m not interested in these things.”

“Oh, I don’t see the value in X, therefore it’s not valuable.”

What kind of logic are those lines of thought??

Think of the arrogance of that: “*I* don’t see the value, therefore it’s not valuable.”

Can you imagine where we’d be each of our stone-using ancestors thought “No, I’m not interested in that wheel thingy that Grok’s cat is playing with”.

So here are two *facts* in history where people not only believed were OK to believe, but actively went on assault on others who sought to overturn the beliefs and practices:

  • Slavery was considered an important part of society and economy. You can hear the voices hyperventilating even now: ”┬áIf we end slavery, the whole economy will be ruined!!”
  • Homosexuality was considered a disease. Specifically, the psychiatric establishment not only asserted this claim but inflicted harm on countless people – and propagated the ignorant belief, which yet survives to this day.

We have countless analogues in Healthcare to these dreadful parts of our history.

It’s important that we take on the lazy and fallacious thinking. It has no place anywhere – especially in the sciences and arts of caring for people.

Remember when I said that *most* people in Healthcare are brilliant?

Well, here’s the problem – it only takes a few inculcated wrong-thoughts to dominate an entire industry. It only takes a few well-positioned power-wielders to enforce arrogant and dangerous ignorance from the top all the way down.

Revolutions don’t take place on streets or Twitter or Television.

No, they transpire in the standing acts of individuals unafraid to assert clear thinking, to openly challenge minds infected with their own arrogance and to take the risks that come with confronting the tyranny of apathy.

Phil Baumann


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  1. Spot on Phil!

    Too many people are of the “If it ain’t broke” persuasion, and they are the ones who will be left behind wondering where the world went.

    These are the people who still have videos, play cassette tapes, moan about a lack of phone boxes etc. They don’t want to make the effort and are trailing in the wake of many who do.

    While there is a case for ‘the old way’ it needs bringing up to date (an MOT or service, if you like) and even that is resisted at times.

    Perhaps the worry of litigation if they get it wrong (out of their comfort zone) stops them, but tey are more likely to face it if the don’t face up themselves to change!

    1. Agree, Jason.

      In addition to what I say in the post, there are certainly other factors – litigation, as you mention.

      But on the whole, it’s the leadership tier that needs shaping. That’s always the case in all fields – but I think a huge part of our Healthcare problems work their way from the top.


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