Pedagogical Osmosis Between Nurses and Physicians

There is going to have to be more pedagogical osmosis between nurses and physicians.

What is “pedagogical osmosis”?

Just a fancy phrase for redesigning medical and nursing education.

Nurses need to have more education about the sciences and ways of thinking undermining medical knowledge and practice.

Physicians need to have a more profound understanding of healthcare communications, people-skills and a patient-centric appreciation for how needles, tests and bad news feel.

The Crimean War ended a longtime ago.

Sadly, the military-industrial frame-of-mind it engendered in healthcare persists in today’s academic and practicing institutions.

It’s not easy to unthink entrenched patterns that cause the wrong behaviors.

But it needs to be done.

Phil Baumann

0 Replies to “Pedagogical Osmosis Between Nurses and Physicians”

  1. ‘undermining’ – think you mean underpinning- but a little bit of undermining from an outsider perspective wouldn’t go amiss either.

    As usual, I agree. Couldn’t you just say something for me to disagree with… for once?

  2. Saying that there should be more pedagogical osmosis in medicine (because it would improve patient care and professional satisfaction) is kinda like saying there should be more unicorns because they’re so cute and have awesome magical powers!

    Okay. That was a *little* sarcastic and perhaps over the top. But my point is that for this to occur there will have to be massive changes in the way that health care is provided AND how we envision our system of health care.

    The allusion to the Crimean war is an apt one. The struggle to reconfigure our system into one that fosters bilateral communication to improve patient care will be a HARD.

    But I for one am up for the challenge. (It needs to be done). Sarcasm aside…

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