The Flipboard Medical Chart

Flipboard Medical ChartYou want convenience.

By You, I mean you. You as patient. Or as physician. Or as nurse.

Guess what? Healthcare is still stuck on paper medical records. Ain’t gonna change soon.

It’s all in the wrist and finger tips.

Practitioners love to flip flip flip through medical charts.

So why not have it both ways?

Make the paper-clingers and the tech-savvy’s get their cake to eat?

Yeah, user design (the front end) is critical. The backend? Well, that’s for people way smarter than me to sort out. And that’s pretty smart.

Enter the iPad app Flipboard.

Let me flip through charts.

Let me click open a record; drill down to the data I’m looking for; give me the numbers meaningfully, colorfully, relevantly; let me share – at the press of button – images, notes, orders to my colleagues, students and family members; let me securely live-stream/tweet what matters to my team.

(Click the image above or here to enlarge.)

Here’s the genius part: Once it’s built, you can then layer and bake-in new features which, among many many other things, narrow the gap in the continua of care.

I’m biased: Flipboard (and Zite) have become my main portals into the world around me. And I know where Flipboard is going – what they have goes deeper than what’s on that glittery surface.

So, health tech people – Flipboard is your inspiration. That’s it.

It’s right under your nose.

If you’re a VC, give me a call.

Phil Baumann


(And if you use Flipboard, you can read my posts, tweets and other content by adding a search for HealthIsSocial to your Favorites 🙂



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