The Theory and Practice of Healthcare

The Theory starts with a guess. The brain.

Then there’s a test.

Then there’s a conclusion.

If the guess is wrong, then…it’s…wrong.

If the test can’t say that it’s wrong, then you (might) have a theory.

This applies as much to EMRs or social media as it does to renal tubular acidosis.

The Practice starts with a touch. The hand.

Then there’s a response.

Then there’s a relationship.

If the relationship is bad, then…it’s…bad.

If the relationship is good, then you (might) have a practice.

Here’s a problem:

You can’t afford to make a lot of bad guesses nor bad touches when working with health.

This is why you cannot have good theory and practice with uncritical brains and nervous hands.

You must always hand your theory to a practicing brain.

This is called care.

Art is what happens as you master The Care.

Phil Baumann




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