The Story

The Story is both the foundation and the capstone of civilization.

The Story is more than you probably realize. It’s not just a telling of a story in the traditional sense.

Medicine is a story.

Suffering is a story.

Healing is a story.

Science is a story: it’s got three parts – a guess, a test and a conclusion.

If the conclusion says the guess is wrong, that’s the end of the story. If it doesn’t conclude that the guess is wrong, then the story goes on to the next chapter.

The whole movement about empowered and engaged patients is ultimately about the Story.

Electronic Medical Records, Health Information Technology, Participatory Medicine, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Health Reform…they’re all inter-working parts of a grand story.

The Story isn’t always clear. Often muffled and depressing in fact. But all stories hold their hopes too.

When I speak of “the story”, I don’t mean it in the way that many marketing gurus utter it.

When I speak of the Story, I mean the way we make sense of our world.

When it comes to Healthcare, you and I are part of the Story.

We have our own stories and all of our stories relate – in some way – to each other.

It’s storytelling which we must enable.

If patients, patient advocates and providers don’t know how to tell their stories, how on earth can they be heard?

Remember: to tell great stories, you have to listen closely to the truth of what’s happening.

Tell. Your. Story.

Phil Baumann



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