Serendipity Obesity

How do you get your information?

How do you make personal and professional connections?

How are you building and extracting value from your networks?

In doing these things, do you plan your work and work your plan? Or do you hand it over to Serendipity?

Social and other digital media make it easier more than ever to exploit Serendipity. In fact, almost all social media are serendipity machines.

For those of us who have experienced the benefits of Serendipity, there’s no doubt it’s a powerful influence on our consumption of information, connection to people and introduction to new pathways.

Here’s the problem: The more you depend on Serendipity, the fewer benefits you accrue from planning your work, working your plan and sustaining the discipline of clarity of focus. No focus, no vision.

Social media are increasingly pulling us toward the Serendipity side of the spectrum of information consumption. So we are becoming obese with the consumption of serendipitous information and connections.

I call this problem Serendipity Obesity.

Phil Baumann





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