It’s Not Healthy To Be Nice All the Time

Good people disturb.

Nice people disappoint.

Serial killers are not good.

Serial killers are nice. It’s part of their operation.

Get the difference now?

Look at your Twitter stream over the last few days. Are your tweets nice?

On Twitter, are you really expressing what you feel and think?

When was the last time you tweeted something without any fear?

What are you afraid of?

Think about this: if a tweet can get you into trouble – at work, your business, your family – then is there not something fundamentally wong with the life and career choices you made?

If your life depends on a tweet, then perhaps you need a re-think. Just a thought. (And I bet you it’s fear that’s gotten you here. I know fear has trolled me too.)

It’s awfully nice of you to tweet links to blog posts, articles, research papers, pictures of half-eaten bread.

But when was the last time you caused a disturbance?

Who are you?? No, that’s not the answer. Who are you REALLY?

Most of the tweets I see, whenever I dip into my streams, I see people being nice – patting each other on the back, offering positive affirmations or quotes.

I don’t know about you, but I think Twitter – if it has any value – lies in the revealing of dark truths we don’t want to hear.

It lies in hearing news we don’t want to hear.

It lies in saying the things you passionately believe but don’t express yourself because you’re afraid that you’ll offend someone or lose your followers.

What a shame.

Are you a nice avatar or a good person?

Phil Baumann



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