Might Big Brother In Healthcare Be Good?

Gary Vanerchuk shot a short video Big Brother Is Good in which he makes the case that if advertisers know everything about us (save for social security numbers, etc.) then our experience on the Web would be much better:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnOEz9Ttq6w’]

What if we applied this concept to Healthcare?

On the surface it might seem scary or even unethical. But if we’re going to be online seeking health information or support, wouldn’t we be better off with the most relevant and timely advertising?

After all, we’re going to get hit up with ads anyway.

Now, this is all speculative and glosses over some of the deeper nuances of personal health information.

Still, why not figure out a way to build a Web where consumers and providers can find each other as appropriately as possible?

Just a question. What do you think? How do you feel about this idea?

Phil Baumann


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  1. Okay, I see your post saying you’re shutting the blog down, but I just had to comment on this one. As a marketer I am in theory all for targeted ads. However, there are clear privacy concerns. Take my experience this week: I use the same computer for home and work. I used the computer to browse for bras. And now I am being followed around the web by bra ads, some specifically showing bras I looked at. Cool, I’m really psyched to have my boss check out my taste in bras when I’m showing him something on the web! Now imagine if it were an ad for an STD treatment, or addiction clinic or some such. There’s hardly any health ad you could display to someone that wouldn’t reveal more than most people want to reveal.

    1. Hi Beth

      That’s the problem isn’t it?

      I raised the question because it helps to reveal the problems inherent with the crossing of the Web and Healthcare.

      You’re right: the privacy concerns are clear. So the question is: what’t the future hold? Does culture change to the point where we no longer care about almost everything about our once-private lives and hang it out there so-to-speak?

      Lots of things to consider.

      btw – I didn’t exactly kill the blog per se; I just need a new direction, and social media in healthcare has been trampled to death.

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