Pharma and Facebook

Today, Facebook won’t exempt Pharma companies from its comment policy – save for individual product Pages.

I’ve been saying for years that Facebook is dangerous. Disclosure: I’m not a fan. And I’m actually been considering deleting my own personal Facebook account.

Is this really a big deal?


Pharma has much bigger problems to address.

Pharma – just like any industry – doesn’t have to be on Facebook.

That’s the beauty of the Web, which I think is lost on almost everybody I’ve spoken to about this with an interest in the conversation.

Why such a rush?

Every single day the Web changes. That word – Web – is an apt metaphor. Like a spider casting its net, you have to be careful around it.

Very few Pharma companies have mastered even the most rudimentary skills required for today’s communications. For a trillion dollar industry – its Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing vendors included – that’s an utter shame. It truly is.

This isn’t about Adverse Events. This is about understanding the true nature of the Web; knowing how to communicate clearly, concisely and responsively; and dealing with the near incompatibility of strategic change and culture change (more on that in a future post).

Do you know what’s the most important place to for any company? It’s its own website…it’s own domain.

Rather insane, then, to even consider bothering with Facebook when blogging (which is what Facebooking and Tweeting are) isn’t even in the finger bones of many Pharma enterprises.

I’m not wrong. I almost never am. And when I am, I know why I was. 🙂

Pharma – don’t worry about Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Focus on understanding the Web. Focus on learning how to communicate. Focus on your emptying pipelines.

Your patients need drugs that work. Not status updates nor tweets that vanish like rain in a fast-moving stream.

Phil Baumann, RN


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