Did You Follow-up On That Healthcare Campaign?

Our campaign was a success!

We got an award for the ad!

Healthcare outcomes met? Check!


…Did you follow-up?

The party’s over. You won. Congratulations.

But now, people aren’t calling much anymore.

Sales are waning.

The patient was sick, you helped her – but you never followed-up.

You didn’t call. You didn’t visit. You patted yourself on the back.

Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee and Jack Dorsey – they gave you the platforms to build the platforms to follow-up.

Have you been paying attention?

Are your marketing and communications and advertising skills *really* up to par?

If you pump enough money into traditional and social and digital media and do something wild that captures the glory of the moment, you can win…

…you can win: a moment.

But a moment doesn’t last a lifetime.

Nursing and medicine and psychotherapy would be more effective if nurses and doctors and therapists were given the resources, time and tools to follow-up.

So too would Healthcare Marketing and Communications and Advertising.

The difference between what the ground troops of our health care ‘system’ can do and what marketers can do is huge.

Doctors and nurses don’t have much wiggle room.

Marketers do.

The components of that wiggle room: The Follow-up.

You’ve gotten the whole social media thing wrong.

The purpose wasn’t to get Likes and RTs and Pluses and Viral Videos and social media attention.

The purpose was to follow-up.

Phil Baumann


0 Replies to “Did You Follow-up On That Healthcare Campaign?”

  1. Lack of follow – up.

    A hot button for me, but I will refrain from too much soap box. 😉

    Health Outcomes Met – check. Health Outcomes SUSTAINED – different answer.

    I would love to see more evidence about sustaining the differences – whether in health outcomes, patient engagement, or heck – I will even take the commercial ones – because in looking at those successes we learn valuable lessons.

    Do you know someone, some company who is using SoMe really well to make an impact & sustain the change?

    I am such a typical adult learner – like to learn by example or story instead of by theory and have the lesson be relevant to what I do or who I am.

    So – Show me the money…

    So I can make more of a difference in the lives of my patients, the providers I educate, and myself.

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