If Social Media Is Not For You

You’ve done a lot of thinking about “how to” with social media, huh? But…

…did you ask yourself: What is Facebook for? What is Twitter for? What is Youtube for?

Do you think it’s for *you*?

When Zuckerberg or Jack meet with their teams, do you really think they ask “how can we make people have more friends?”

Or do they ask: “how can we design our software to maximize revenue streams?”

If you aren’t a paying customer, social media is not *for* you.

Brands on Facebook: if you’re not cutting a check to Facebook (say for ads or marketing data), Facebook isn’t *for* you. Don’t forget that.

Yes, these media can be re-purposed. Yes, some brands will use these media as gravity slings for their wider and wiser overall strategies. Most won’t.

Who are you with respect to these media, really?

You know who and what you are:

You are a stream of revenue consciousness.

In these media – for individuals and for brands – it’s easy to fall asleep in the stream, and to dream that you’re doing something worthy of your time.

If you’re not doing something for yourself or doing something for others that improve their lives, just what are you doing this for?

Phil Baumann


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