We’re Wrong About Healthcare Social Media

There’s a misunderstanding about “social media in Healthcare. This misunderstanding explains why discussions and applications have been going around in circles. Let me explain (I may expand my thoughts in a future post.)

Social Media (versus social media – lower case) is the amalgamation of: Technology, Ideology, Culture, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Science, Humanity, and Stupidity. (Yes, it’s ok the say Stupidity.)

When asking, for instance, “how can we use social media in healthcare”, we’re asking a Technological question. Technique. (Google “Techne”.)

But we’re not just dealing with Technology. And we’re not just talking about “the conversation” and “being social”.

No, we’re dealing with the wide and deep and ramifying consequences of a whole new layer encapsulating our world. We are dealing with a moment in geological time where the entire spectrum of History – social eruptions, wars, cultural shifts, etc. – are going to transpire within a single loci: a kind of strangulation of selective pressures. A new bottleneck – and we may not get through it. If we do, we will reach a new level of the ascent of the human being.

Healthcare Social Media, therefore, requires an apprehension of sociological dynamics, business re-thinking, the nature of revolutions and the consequences of momentous change.

None of us will grasp these in their full. Some of us get it more than others, but no single individual or group will acquire complete gnosis.

The crowning achievement of our species is the Question Mark.

If you care about health and it’s progress, you’re wise to spend less time figuring out how to use Twitter or Google fricken Plus and a whole lot more time questioning the living hell out of our world.

Phil Baumann


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