Questioning the Limits of Healthcare Social Media

Joseph Stalin

How far can the use of social media in the context of Healthcare be pushed?

Should a rape victim live-tweet his psychotherapy sessions?

Is it safe for the victim of “domestic” violence and abusive control to use social media?

Is the privacy-is-dead ideology a liberation, or a dangerous caving-in to misguided ideologues?

We are at a point in civilization where the choices we make today – right now – will be lock-in for future generations.

There was a time – thousands of years ago perhaps – when there were no cruel paternal nor maternal inequalities. Then: something happend, perhaps something to do with technology: a cultural lock-in that brought forth power-dominance and prejudice and suffering. A lock-in we are still trying to break.

When the Old Powers of Europe collapsed after World War I, new ideologies contended and the wrong gods where chosen and worshiped: Tsarist Russia was replaced with Stalinist Nightmare.

Today’s Old Powers – the Corporation, the Medical Profession, the TV – face needed revolutions.

Today’s Question: which revolutionaries win the lock-in? The Digital Utopians? The Dystopians?

For the cost of utopian vision is blindness to danger and the cost of dystopian fear is regression and stagnation.

Social media now have everything to do with Health Care – from the dopamine alterations in your brain to the social relationships made and destroyed by how we use these technologies.

How far we push social media, therefore, determines how far we push our health.

How the doctor tells you that you’re going to die determines how you die.

Who knew that a tweet could kill human being?

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