Healthcare Apps Do Not A Business Make

One Healthcare app to rule them all!!!

If only it were so easy.

Applications for smartphones and tablets have become the rage – a rage which perhaps has yet to reach the zenith of its catharsis.

So many startups are investing the bulk of their resources on developing applications and hoping to build a business around the apps.

That’s an inverted business model.

Yes, developing stand-aloned apps – for joy or profit – can be a successful endeavor in itself.

But applications are kind of like tweets – maybe they get a bunch of retweets, but eventually they just fade down the stream of inattention.

A more sustainable healthcare business is to latch on to the idea driving the app. No, latch on to the BIG idea behind the app.

Three – three of many – suggested ingredients to a successful healthcare enterprise:

  • Service
  • Motivation
  • Feedback

Those are elements contained within most successful applications. But a wider business proposition that ties all three together robustly and effectively – ah, there’s a happy moment.

If you’re in the business of developing healthcare applications and don’t know how to build a larger business out of them, consider this model: become the preferred provider of applications for existing enterprises.

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