The High Cost Of Low Quality Social Media

My old man once told me: whatever you do, don’t get dirty unless you know how to garden.

It’s tempting for brands to go for the lowest common attention-denominator in today’s world of tweets and pings and quickie YouTube hits. After all, the cost of attention goes up every single day.

But the cost of getting dirty for attention goes up too. See this post on how low brands might go – and then bounce back here.

Now that Healthcare organizations are “getting” the need to pay attention to the web, there is the chance that we’ll see marketing campaigns and social media efforts go for the “hot” shot…the viral YouTube video, the magical tweet that gets featured on Mashable or NYT.

It won’t take much to go from that to using cheap means to meet expensive needs: like reaching and engaging and educating the right people.

Yeah, sex sells. I’m sure some marketer will find a bright idea to connect a nice pair of legs with diabetes or cancer or bipolar affective disorder.

But Healthcare isn’t prostitution. And women aren’t objects. Neither are people with wellness needs or disease conditions.

My old man’s advice may be the best advice for this weird social media world we’re all being sucked into…or *down* into. You do have to dig into the dirt if you want to do social media “right”. It’s HARD work…really hard work

Being a gardener means being grounded, knowing the dark material you work with, and understanding the power of time and patience and persistence.

The work we do must be high quality.

When choosing what role to play in social media: decide between prostitution or gardening.

The web is a dirty world.

Make it beautiful or pay the high cost of selling your body to the lowest bidder.

@PhilBaumann – @HealthIsSocial


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