The Care Continuum

When thinking about health care, do we think of it in term of points, or steams?

You see, thinking about points of care creates a kind of thinking which is mechanical, isolated and disconnected from our true goal of providing care: healing.

Our bodies don’t work on a point system. Rather, everything is curvilinear and integrated and connected. These processes don’t just transpire within our bodies but through and around them: the electrons breathed off from a leaf have everything to do with the mitochondria in your cells.

Healing, the natural and artistic process of continuing care, works in steams. And just as those natural flows maintain and create life, our technologies and techniques and arts of health care must also flow together in tandem.

So: where are the key disconnects which we can link up right now using existing technologies and knowledge and experiences?

This is the key question we must ask when building EMRs, collaboration tools, social and other digital media…and, most importantly, when refreshing our thinking process when seeking to improve health care.



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