All Health Care Is Local

On the battlefield.

In the emergency room.

On your deathbed.

In the maternity ward.

In the pill you take.

In the taxes you pay.

In the premiums you  pay.

In the hand on that lever you pull on election day.

In the air you breathe.

In the food you eat.

In your sex life.

All health care is local.


…except what happens in  my part of the woods affects what happens in your part.

The more we are connected, the smaller the world gets.

The smaller the world gets, the local gets global and the global gets local.

If I live in poverty, expect poverty to come closer to your home.

If I have an infection, expect those little critters to march your way.

If the local economy stalls, expect your insurance premiums to rise.

If the global capital system keeps weakening, expect unemployment in your town.

The blood cell has everything to do with civilization.

Once the circulation stops, the oxygen can’t get to the brain.

The fight for health care transformation isn’t in the halls of legislators.

No, it’s right inside you.

If we never abandoned our local communities, we’d never have a global health care catastrophe on our hands.

All health care is local.

So is disease.






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