Update to Readers – Follow-up

Hi. Just a quick follow-up on what’s going on with me [this sentence originally included a time-sensitive link; accordingly I have removed it from here and made the link private].

I feel better. And I appreciate the kind and sincere backchannel feedback from some of you.

I’m at the beginning of a transition, but I’ll continue to keep a a presence via blogging, Twitter, newsletter and IRL meeting. (IRL is still way way way better than any of this social media stuff – more on that later.)

So expect more content. I’ll still do the unique stuff that HealthIsSocial has become known for. But I’ve also decided to add some practical flavor as well – at this stage in blogging, I’m not a fan of “top ten tips” posts, but a lot of people have asked for them. So I’ll give the people what they want.

Of note: One of my concerns in recent months with regard to healthcare social media has been the rise of crass and inconsiderate attempts to commercialize these media. I’m starting to see it become rather ugly. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I’d advise to brace for some ugly stuff ahead.

I get that we all need to put risotti and wine on our tables, but some people and organizations just don’t grasp how these media work – and in the process they ruin the buzzkill for the rest of us while wasting their time hunting for deer in the shopping mall.

Anyhoo, I hope all’s well with you.