Social Media in Healthcare: The Wild Goose Chase

I’m happy that more healthcare professionals and institutions are talking about social media. (Another way to see it: I’m happy they’ve realized it’s no longer 1995. 🙂

Anymore when I speak at conferences or meet privately with organizations, what I often observe is a wish to figure out how to fit the latest technologies into their strategies.

One medium in particular: Foursquare. Somehow, there are a fair amount of healthcare social media evangelists who have latched on to geolocation services. I understand: there’s value in sharing your location. I get it. But…

…but: sometimes we get a bit carried away with the latest tech. And more and more, I’m getting a sense that healthcare organizations and the professionals who are responsible for social media, are getting lured into wild goose chases.

You don’t have to force-fit every media into your operations.

You don’t need any of these media, actually. You just need to know your needs and how to satisfy them. If a particular medium serves a need, then use it.

Most corporate enterprises – inside or outside Healthcare – don’t even have particularly robust content production, let alone two-way communications confidence.

My primary advice with healthcare social media: don’t make such a big deal about it all, and don’t feel like you have to conform to what the early adopters propound at conferences and blogs and on Twitter. That includes what you find on this blog and its related tweets.

In a future post, I’m going to talk about Dopamine and how it may be influencing perceptions of the values of social media. (Hint: think of coke heads who try to solicit others to use cocaine.)

Don’t chase geese unless you’re prepared to serve a gourmet dinner.

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