Is Twitter Wasting Advancement in HCSM?

I’m a big fan of Twitter – I run two Twitter chats for nurses and physicians. I don’t need convincing of Twitter’s value in healthcare. But…

…but I wonder if efforts to advance the cause of adopting social and other digital technologies in Healthcare are going to waste on Twitter. I see so many smart people on Twitter contributing good ideas and networking with other smart people whenever I dip into my stream. A lot of what happens there is useful no doubt.

Twitter, however, is a deceptive seduction. Like all great seducers, the seduced will fight hard to defend their seducer. Over time it becomes harder to step away from the seduction and realize the opportunity costs involved.

After the tweets and the chats, what happens to them? After the dopamine surges and congratulations and “wow, that was great, you’re the bestest!”, what then? How strongly do the energies of the tweets flow elsewhere to power movement? Or do all rivers lead back to Twitter – a Mobius strip of tweet streams?

I’d love to ask the hcsm (healthcare social media) community the same question which Seth Godin asks. (No need to answer here – privately answering the question is good enough.)

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