Turn On, Tune In and Take Charge

And now a simple meme for healthcare: Turn On, Tune In and Take Charge.

This isn’t my variation on Timothy Leary’s Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, it’s his (54min, 10sec).

It applies to:

  • The Status Quo organizations that need to abandon the 19th Century model of factory-healthcare and turn on to human systems
  • The nurses, physicians, administrators, healthcare communicators who need to re-tool their skills and tune in to today’s media
  • All of us who need to take charge of our Healthcare as much as we can

Twitter is the Sixties – everyday, more and more people are electronically heading to San Fransisco.

Some folks will expand their minds hitting the good tweets, while others will lose themselves, spending their days scrounging for the next retweet; and still others will ignore it all, missing the chance to bring color to their black-and-white views and thoughts and ways. This is our time, our new world.

The response to this brave media world isn’t to turn on, tune in and drop out.

It’s: Turn on, tune in, and take charge.

@PhilBaumann – @HealthIsSocial