Yet ANOTHER Post On Healthcare Blogging

Dear Healthcare friends, hospitals and other parties interested in health:

Blogging is dead.

What that means is: blogging is dead as a topic of conversation in tech circles. It’s a good thing that blogging is dead: it means you’ve got a trusted canvas to do your work.

I know so many bright people in Healthcare – but most just tweet. It’s as if they spend all their day on Twitter. But what comes of it? A few speaking gigs? A few mentions in trade magazines? A few moments in false fame? There is no Brad Pitt in healthcare social media.

But if you truly care about Healthcare, if you truly believe in social media as many of you say, then why wouldn’t you take a few minutes out of your day and share your thoughts?

You’re wasting your talent if all you’re doing is tweeting those thoughts, those links, looking for the next thing to retweet.

It blows my mind – absolutely blows my mind – that *most* Healthcare communications and marketing agencies rarely blog. You do all that content work, do all that learning from clients – and you can’t find time to share your wisdom without compromising your competitive edge??

Do you realize how bad that looks? – advising clients on digital media and you yourself don’t have the logistical chutzpah to do so yourself? How good is that for your industry?

If your response is: “But I don’t have time – my client work-load is too big”. Well, then – for your clients’ sake and your own health – you need a better workflow ethic and process.

I’m not going to write a lot here. I’ve got a stomach virus and don’t feel like investing too many words convincing too few people to blog.

But I’d recommend you read and heed what @msuster wrote about blogging. Just apply it to healthcare.

Don’t give in to Twitter. I’m WAYYYYY crazier about Twitter than you, and even I don’t waste my days and talent – and most importantly, my passion – there. Yeah, I schedule tweets – but I’m still human and interact more than most people who claim to be “social”.

On behalf of the patients and professionals who need your leadership and knowledge and wisdom, consider the cost of a few tweets, grab a moment of solitude and write your heart out on your blog. Because your blog is the only thing you can own on the Internet.

You have zero equity in Twitter – just a mortgage you’ll never pay off.

Your blog is an estate bequeathed to you by uncle Vint Cerf. Why on earth would you abandon it to the weeds?

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