Alone-time Media

Do you think it’s true that we are “social” animals? That’s what Aristotle claimed – then again, most of Aristotle’s claims about physics turned out to sink in water. Once you think about this claim, you realize there’s a flaw: part of being human is being alone.

How can we possibly be social if we aren’t alone?

Anymore, I’m starting to realize how crucial alone-time is to our health. It’s a right, quite frankly.

We need media which allow us to connect to solitude, to reflection, to integrity of self.

It would be nice if we had Alone-time media.

But we really don’t. If we did, it would be all too easy to keep pushing buttons to return to the healthy abode of alone-time.

That’s actually a good thing: it frees us from technology to assert our individuality, our will, our strength of choice.

Perhaps we can just agree that nature includes all the Alone-time Media we need.

Social media are displacing alone-time – faster and faster, day by day.

Once being “social” is a dictate, it ceases to be social and becomes a weapon of alienation.

When you hear someone whine: “But that’s not social, you have to be social!”, back away – you’re dealing with an unstable and anti-social personality. (No joke.)

If you are never alone, you are no longer an individual. And you are not social.

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